FMA Newsletter

As I’ve said before, I love how content is presented. I think a font can make the world of a difference and a simple change of color can transform its theme. I’m currently taking a class on media design and for the first major project, we were to design a newsletter about an organization on campus. I chose Fashion Merchandising Association because I’m minoring in the field and I knew it would give me the chance to make something pretty. FMA’s colors are a muted cyan and white, but I decided to reimagine the organization’s branding in my own colors and style. For this newsletter, I chose to rock Magenta with sleek fonts.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.59.51 AMScreen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.59.10 AM

The first step in this project was to create the content. I quickly jotted down a few stories I could write- a pop-up shop by JC Penney and FMA, a Q&A with an FMA member who has an awesome job, a runway show in partnership with the Central Texas Medical Center, and most importantly the annual career forum. But as the deadline came closer and closer, I had to bail on the CTMC story. I had just barely gotten my interviews for the rest of my stories. So without that fourth article, I was left with a huge blank page.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.59.21 AM Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.59.34 AM

Hours before the deadline, I knew I had to make something out of nothing. Since the Career Forum was my biggest story, I pulled from that. As you can see above, I chose to do an “Editor’s Pick” section about finding a breakout session. It took up plenty of space, made for a clean design, and turned out being a helpful piece. To fill in the rest of the white space, I grabbed pictures from the FMA Instagram which will drive readers to the organization’s social media. On the third page, I used leftover quotes from my article for testimonial quotes that completed my spread.

This was such a fun project to work on. I find that I work best when under pressure so the limited time pushed me to create. I was pleasantly surprised in my own ability to fill all that white space hours before the due date. I hope you like my final product!


Creating Flats


Aside from writing, another childhood hobby of mine was to design clothes. I’ve always been interested in fashion, but I didn’t anticipate studying it until I realized Texas State offered Fashion Merchandising as a minor. Since I want to go in Fashion PR, I thought it was a good fit.

This semester I’m taking Textile Production and we are learning how to use different programs like Illustrator and Photoshop. Our most recent assignment was to create a flat of a design of our choice. A flat is a black and white one-dimensional sketch that shows all the seams, hardware, topstitching, etc. of a garment. I chose to design a dress and took inspiration from Alexa Chung who frequently sports a peter-pan collar.

Since this project doesn’t require a specific color or fabric to be drawn in, the full design is left up to the imagination. Personally, I imagine this dress with a thick fabric like a Cavalry Twill in a rich burgundy color with a white collar, pockets and waist line. How do you see this dress? With a floral pattern? Pastel colors? Velvet fabric? Let me hear your take in the comments!

Meet Kate


I’m Kate and I study Public Relations and Fashion Merchandising at Texas State University. When I’m not at school, I’m working as a freelance graphic designer and full-time dog mom to a hyper Boston Terrier named Lily. I grew up in Houston, listening to classic rock and wearing high heels. For this, I’d like to thank having older parents and an extremely feminine mom. In high school, my two big organizations were Newspaper and Theater, and that’s how I ended up in PR. I took the journalism from newsroom and the theatrics from the stage.

I started this blog for my Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media course and could choose any topic I wanted my blog to be about. I chose to cover graphic design because it’s something I love doing, but don’t share as often as I’d like to. Whether it’s a logo for a small business like Lucky Mutt Rescue or an Instagram graphic for nail lacquer company Mischo Beauty, I love coming up with designs that truly fit the company’s brand. I believe that in order for people to read your content, they must be attracted to its presentation. Everywhere I go, I’m looking at designs. While others simply read labels, I look at the packaging. Even going to a website, it takes me about two seconds for my to form a perception of the company by it’s website design alone.

So on Hand of Kate (inspired by The Rolling Stone’s Hand of Fate), I want to share my own projects with you and I hope that I can inspire others the way so many designers have inspired me. And for those who aren’t designers, I hope by following along with me, you may view content, in whatever form it may be, differently by looking at how it’s presented.