#MondayMuse: designlovefest

bri_zps7fa51341For the first installment of Hand of Kate’s #MondayMuse series, I will be featuring the insanely talented Bri Emery of designlovefest. Bri is an art director, all-star blogger, and curator of all things pretty. She has been featured in Elle Décor, HGTV, Lucky Magazine, and Martha Stewart Weddings to name a few and hosts Blogshop, a workshop for bloggers wanting to learn photoshop (that was a lot of ‘shops’). Oh, and not to mention, she worked on the set design for Meghan Trainor’s music video for Lips Are Movin’

One of my favorite things about designlovefest is the freebies. You can find pages and pages of downloadable wallpapers for your desktop and there’s a style for everyone’s tastes. Designers don’t have to make anything for free and for someone as busy as Bri, it’s so generous of her to give her readers something special at no cost.


Besides being a source of graphic design inspiration, designlovefest also provides DIY tutorials, recipes, interior design and more. Bri doesn’t tie herself down to one niche which is something I can relate to. I feel a calling to so many different interests and hope to pursue all of them. There’s something for everyone on designlovefest so whatever inspiration you’re searching for, you’re bound to find it with Bri.

Portrait by Jesse Chamberlin. Graphics by Bri Emery.

Find her on facebook, twitter, instagram, and pinterest!


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