#TBT: Fashion PR Confidential

On this fine Thursday, I’m throwin’ it back to my time at Fashion PR Confidential in 2013. What’s that you ask? Only the greatest ever workshop for aspiring public relations professionals. Founded by Danika Daly of Danika Daly PR who co-teaches with Crosby Noricks of PR Couture, #fashionprcon is a two-day intensive workshop unlocking all the secrets of fashion PR from press releases to event conception. Add some inspiring guest speakers and envy-worthy goodie bags, and you have every fashion PR girl drooling.

This is a page I designed from the Fashion PR Confidential workbook.

I had interned with Danika Daly PR a year before and was thrilled when she asked me to help design the workbook for the inaugural workshop in New York City. That year, Alexis Rodriguez, Executive Director of Public Relations for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and the voice behind The PR Closet, and Samantha Lim, Features & Branded Content Director of StyleCaster, were our guest speakers and talked about everything from pitching to personal branding. Being able to speak with professionals about your dream job face-to-face is way better than any Q&A on Twitter. Besides, we’re all just looking for an excuse to visit NY and LA anyway, right?

It is truly such an invaluable experience every PR student interested in fashion should attend. While I firmly believe in getting a higher-education, there are some things you can’t learn in a classroom. Fashion PR is such a huge industry, yet there aren’t many university-based programs specifically tailored to it. That’s why this workshop is so important for students who wish to break into the business. But students aren’t the only ones who would benefit from it. Whether you’re a blogger, a designer, or looking to start your own PR firm, #fashionprcon has something to offer. So go on now, check it out and get lost daydreaming in the #fashionprcon hashtag on instagram.

Photos by @danikadalypr and @prcouture


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