Tomorrow Magazine

My third project for Media Design was to create a cover, contents, and four-page feature spread for a mock magazine. We were allowed to use any pictures, but I chose my own so I could use the project in my portfolio. I chose to do an entertainment magazine about up-and-coming artists. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I just happened to have a lot of great pictures of my talented friend Kariana. Kari is a singer from Houston with a powerful voice and an even more powerful message. Kari, who has dealt with bipolar, anxiety, and depression, has started a new organization, “Healing Through Music and Arts” to raise awareness of mental illnesses and promote the use of arts to cope and heal. I was so inspired by this that I wanted it to be a focal point in the magazine, rather than just talk about her talent.



If you haven’t already noticed a pattern, I love simple design. I believe the cleaner, the better. Design shouldn’t take away from the content, it should frame it. For the cover, I decided to stick with one headline rather than filling the page with text. I chose a clean font for the header to go with the futuristic and sleek vibe of “Tomorrow.” I wanted to reflect that same look on my contents page, but went with a darker background for a cooler, nightlife aesthetic. While the blurbs might be exaggerated for the purpose of the magazine, the lovely ladies on my contents page are in-fact talented. You can check out Aleshia bust a move in this awesome dance performance, read up on Haley’s personal-style blog Space City Style, and get lost in Shelly’s travel instagram.

For the feature spread, I used large photos because, come on, Kari is gorgeous. But I also wanted to keep everything very simple so as not to take away from the message. I went with a large font size for the opening page and used a play on words of “The sound of music.” On the last page, I used a clean serif font and white background so the page focuses solely on the text. I paralleled it with a close-up of Kari to reflect the rawness of the story. As you can see, I used filler text for the article, but when making a mock-layout, it’s important to know what your article would be about. Content dictates design, not the other way around. Design, however, is crucial to bringing an article to life.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out all the lovely ladies featured in Tomorrow!


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