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It wasn’t easy, but I finally let go of Magenta. In case you haven’t noticed, I love pink. I had made this app pink at first, but in the end, I wanted my app to be accessible to all genders and tastes so I went with my childhood favorite- blue, which is popular among social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, etc.) so I think it works.

The app is like Pinterest for design. Why not just use Pinterest? Because it seems to be best for recipes or fashion inspiration, but is lacking in proper design inspiration. If you’re a design nerd like me, you could spend hours looking at logos and movie posters and concert flyers. And if you’ve searched Pinterest or even Google, sometimes your search just falls flat and all you find are generic templates and cheesy designs made by mom bloggers (no offense).

On DesignInspo, you can search by categories such as patterns (shown above) or packaging or logos. Designers can build profiles and upload their own work. Not only does DesignInspo serve as inspiration, but it’s also a great spotlight for designers trying to get their name out there and network with like-minded professionals. Whatever your intent is, DesignInspo has the best graphic work out there so you don’t have to sift through pages of google results or cheesy Pinterest pins to find something that inspires you.

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