For my Fashion Promotions class, we are working on a project over sustainability. We had to create a sustainable product, come up with a brand, and design a logo. For the first assignment, I found an old dress and created a crop top and high-waisted skater skirt. For the second assignment, I named our brand Restitch and designed this logo:


I chose green for obvious reasons: it’s symbolic of recycling. However, I stuck with a lighter shade so as to keep a more delicate aesthetic that matches the other components of the logo. I decided to use a hanger because it’s a simple and clean and is easily associated with clothing. But to add that needed extra touch, I went in and added leaves to the hanger. This merges the two concepts of fashion and sustainability and relays the brand we wanted to represent. To add to that delicate aesthetic, I used a thin, handwritten font that also represents the handmade aspect of our clothing.

Logos are one of the more creative things I get to design because it requires a knack for symbolism. Anybody can make a logo out of fonts and basic shapes and it might look good, but it won’t be memorable. I love looking at a logo and thinking, “I wish I had thought of that!” And that’s what happens when your logo truly represents its brand. Here are some logos I think mastered the symbolism:


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