Meet Kate


I’m Kate and I study Public Relations and Fashion Merchandising at Texas State University. When I’m not at school, I’m working as a freelance graphic designer and full-time dog mom to a hyper Boston Terrier named Lily. I grew up in Houston, listening to classic rock and wearing high heels. For this, I’d like to thank having older parents and an extremely feminine mom. In high school, my two big organizations were Newspaper and Theater, and that’s how I ended up in PR. I took the journalism from newsroom and the theatrics from the stage.

I started this blog for my Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media course and could choose any topic I wanted my blog to be about. I chose to cover graphic design because it’s something I love doing, but don’t share as often as I’d like to. Whether it’s a logo for a small business like Lucky Mutt Rescue or an Instagram graphic for nail lacquer company Mischo Beauty, I love coming up with designs that truly fit the company’s brand. I believe that in order for people to read your content, they must be attracted to its presentation. Everywhere I go, I’m looking at designs. While others simply read labels, I look at the packaging. Even going to a website, it takes me about two seconds for my to form a perception of the company by it’s website design alone.

So on Hand of Kate (inspired by The Rolling Stone’s Hand of Fate), I want to share my own projects with you and I hope that I can inspire others the way so many designers have inspired me. And for those who aren’t designers, I hope by following along with me, you may view content, in whatever form it may be, differently by looking at how it’s presented.


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